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At Skysim we intend to make your FSX and FS2004 experience more realistic and enjoyable.

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Hawk For our second project we chose the BAe Systems Hawk T1 by Rick Piper. The Hawk is an advanced trainer which first flew in 1974 and was designed to replace the Folland Gnat in the Royal Air Force. Most famous as the mount of the Red Arrows, the Hawk is still in production with over 900 aircraft sold to many countries around the world. This model is exclusively for FSX.
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Mirage The Sea Vixen was a British carrier-borne all weather fighter and strike aircraft and was one of the most exciting aircraft operated by the Royal Navy during the 1960's and 70's. She was the largest and last of the de Havilland twin boomed fighter aircraft which so epitomised British air power of the post war era. At Skysim we are concentrating our efforts on Jet Heritage simulation and for our first aircraft we chose the magnificent Vixen.
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